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Adam Jackson

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Jackson, CEO 360 Privacy, Digital Executive Protection

360 Privacy’s mission is to protect the digital identity and reputation of high-profile executives, athletes and high net-worth families. Digital identity is at the intersection of physical security, cyber, fraud prevention, and reputation. Powered by proprietary technology and an expert team, 360 Privacy correlates, analyzes and deletes data daily to protect your digital identity, keeping it out of the hands of sophisticated threat actors, fraudsters, and other criminals.


John Stewart, Cisco
John Stewart
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Former Chief Security & Trust Officer at Cisco

Pat Duggan, Gula Tech
Patrick Duggan
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Former Dir. for Cybersecurity, National Security Council, The White House

Ben Clark, Millennium Corporation
Ben Clark
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CTO at Millennium Corporation

Ronnie Dunn, Brooks and Dunn
Ronnie Dunn

Brooks & Dunn

Jim Smith, Fidelity
Jim Smith

Former Managing Director and Executive Vice President at Fidelity Investments

Mark O'neil
Mark O'Neil
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Former Commanding General of U.S. Army Alaska and Commander of a Special Mission Unit

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