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Partnership Announcement: 360 Privacy and WAX Insurance

Wax Insurance and 360 Privacy Logo

Nashville, TN (June 27, 2023) - Nashville, TN – 360 Privacy and WAX have announced an industry leading partnership, that will enable the Nashville-based Digital Executive Protection agency to help safeguard the most valued assets of the WAX clientele, the clientele themselves. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

360 Privacy protects its clients against threats that originate in the digital space that result in financial, reputational and even physical harm. By monitoring and managing the dark and surface web to detect threats and alert customers of potential cyber-attacks 360 Privacy ensures their clients are harder targets. Now the loyal clients of WAX have an added layer of privacy & security that extends better protection to their insured fine art, jewelry, watches and any other valuables ensuring peace of mind.

“We are thrilled to be part of the WAX Digital Protection Strategy and to partner on delivering safe and convenient services to their clients,” said Gavin Quinn, Chief Strategy Officer. “This partnership is truly about protecting the entire life of the client, and ensuring best steps are taken to protect the individual, their family & their assets.

WAX is the go-to solution to protect the things cherished most. Customers can manage and insure possessions directly from the WAX mobile app in minutes, giving you more time to admire what’s yours knowing you are protected anywhere, anytime.

“WAX is pleased with the opportunity to offer 360 Privacy’s top notch services to our clients, ensuring their backs are covered from all angles,” stated WAX CEO, Rich Vinhais. “A protection strategy is paramount in a digitally driven world where online threats put even our physical well being and tangible assets at risk.”

About 360 Privacy 360 Privacy protects corporate executives and high-profile individuals with the most comprehensive and customized Digital Executive Protection available. 360 Privacy’s solutions guard against social engineering, financial fraud, cyber attacks and threats on the dark web. For more information, visit

About WAX

WAX protects your collection with the same passion you have for collecting. Our app offers a quick and easy way to insure fine art, jewelry, watches and any other valuables. Achieve peace of mind knowing you are covered for loss, damage, theft, and more. WAX is a go-to solution to protect the things you cherish most. Created by collectors, for collectors. For more information, visit


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