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Secure Instagram Account - Web and Mobile App

secure instagram acount

Why Configure a Secure Instagram Account?

Securing your Instagram account is vital for personal cybersecurity, ensuring the protection of your online identity and preventing unauthorized access. By implementing key security measures, optimizing privacy settings, and practicing caution against potential threats, you can effectively safeguard sensitive information, maintain privacy, and mitigate the risk of identity theft or malicious activities associated with your secure Instagram account.

Key settings to adjust

  • Two Factor Authentication

  • Limiting who can follow and view your account and send you DMs

  • Turning off personalized ads and partner data

How To Set Configuration Settings - Web Version

Login to Instagram and navigate to your profile page, then select your profile picture

icon and select "Settings."

Once on the Settings page, navigate to the following sections:

Settings and Privacy

"Who can see your content"

  • Account Privacy: Select “Private Account”

"How other can interact with you"

  • Activity Status: Toggle off “Show Activity Status”

  • Story Sharing: Toggle OFF “Allow Sharing to Stories”

  • Mentions: Select “People You Follow”

  • Allow Tags From: Select “People You Follow”

  • Requests From Shops: Toggle off

  • Manually approve tags: Select this option

Apps and Websites
  • Toggle OFF any apps that you no longer use or don’t recognize.

Meta Account Center

  • Password and Security

    • Two-Factor Authentication

      • Select your profile

        • Ensure Two Factor is turned on

    • Change Password

      • Change if it has been more than 5 years ago

How To Set Configuration Settings - Mobile Version

Open the Instagram App, navigate to the avatar on the bottom right and select the menu, open "Settings and Privacy".

Once on the Settings page, navigate to the following sections:

Accounts Center

Navigate to Account settings and select "Passwords and security"

  • Select "Change password" and check when password was last updated (Update if longer than 5 years)

  • Navigate back, select "Two factor authentication" and select "how you get get codes and verify phone number and add a backup method

  • Navigate back, select Saved login info" and toggle "off"

  • Navigate back. select "Ad preference" select "review settings" then select "No don't make my ads more relevant"

Who can see your content
  • Select "Account Privacy" toggle on "Private Account"

How others can interact with you
  • Select "Messages and story replies"

  • Select "Message Controls" and toggle off "Allow access to messages"

    • Navigate back, select "Story Replies" select "Allow replies from followers you follow back"

    • Navigate back, select "Show activity status" and toggle off "Show activity status"

    • Navigate back, select "Tags and mentions" and select "Allow tags and mentions from people you know"

    • Navigate back, select "Guides and sharing" and toggle off the following:

      • "Allow story sharing in messages'

      • "Allow website embeds"

      • "Allow requests to feature your post in shops"

        • Select "Accounts you follow," and remove any unknown/unwanted followers

Your apps and media
  • Select "Website permissions"and remove "active apps"

See More From 360 Privacy

Prioritizing the security of your Instagram account is of utmost importance to uphold personal cybersecurity. By proactively adopting robust security practices, such as optimizing privacy settings, enabling two-factor authentication, and staying vigilant against phishing attempts, you can safeguard your digital identity and protect your sensitive information. Explore additional security guides and expert advice from 360 Privacy to further enhance the security of your Instagram account.

Take control of your online safety today and see more security guides from 360 Privacy.


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