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We provide Digital Executive Protection that keeps Executives, High Profile, High-Net-Worth Clients safe from digital threats

Digital Executive Protection

The next evolution in Executive Protection.

Protection against threats in the digital space that result in financial, reputational and even physical harm. Our DEP program is multi-layered, grounded the current threat landscape, and constantly evolving to counter the ever-changing digital threats.

Protection Tiers

 1   |   Delete

Reduce Exposure to Digital Threats

Our solution scans and removes your personally identifiable information (“PII”) from over 400 data broker websites, conducts daily monitoring and continued deletion to ensure that the information initially deleted does not resurface.

2   |   Monitor

Advanced Darkweb Monitoring & Expertise

Daily scanning and monitoring of the Deep and Darkweb for threats, leaked private information and your passwords. When threats surface, we work with you and your team on eliminating the risks. 

3   |   Concierge

Personalized Digital Security Concierge

A complete digital security concierge, including a household cybersecurity plan, tailored-to-your-lifestyle training, device hardening and secure software. The concierge package is rounded out with 24/7 access to an expert to support any digital security issue.

Who We Serve

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We protect the largest corporations Executives and Board Members

  • Executive Suite, Board Members, Key Talent

  • Seamless integration with Corporate Security Teams

  • Custom Notification Workflows

High Profile

We protect the biggest names in Sports and Entertainment

  • Scales with career growth

  • Low friction with no distractions

  • Responsive support

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We protect High-Net-Worth Individuals and their Families

  • Family Members and Family Office Staff

  • Lightweight and seamless onboarding

  • Responsive Support

Exposure Report

Protection Teams

We partner with world-class security providers and teams to deliver digital protection

  • Integrates with existing security programs

  • Scalable protection

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Get an assessment from a 360 Privacy expert detailing your exposure to digital risks and threats. 

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