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Secure Facebook Account - Web and Mobile App

secure facebook account

Why make a Secure Facebook Account?

Ensuring a secure Facebook account is paramount for personal cybersecurity, as it fortifies your online identity and prevents unauthorized access. By optimizing privacy settings, implementing robust authentication methods, and staying vigilant against phishing attempts, you can effectively safeguard sensitive information, maintain privacy, and minimize the risk of identity theft or malicious activities associated with your secure Facebook account.

Key settings to adjust

  • Two Factor Authentication

  • Limiting who can view and message your account

  • Turning off personalized ads and data sharing

  • Turning off location sharing

How To Set Configuration Settings - Web Version

Login to Facebook and navigate to Settings and privacy and select “Privacy


Once on the Privacy Checkup page, navigate to the following sections:

Who can see what you share
  • Continue to Profile Information and select “Only Me” or “Friends” for all tabs

  • Select “Next,” then select “Future Post” and “Stories” and change to “Friends”

  • Select “Limit past post”

How to keep your account secure
  • Continue to “Is your Password private”

    • *Change password if it is used anywhere else, under 16 characters, or personally attributed to you

  • Select "Next," then "Get Started" or "Manage" to enable two-factor authentication

  • Navigate back to "How to keep your account secure" then proceed to "Control your alerts" and select “Email”

How can people find you on Facebook
  • Continue to “Friends Request” and select either “Public” or “Friends of Friends”

  • Select “Phone Number and Email,” then select “Only Me” for both

  • Select “Search Engines”

    • Toggle off “Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile?”

Your data settings on Facebook
  • Select “Apps and Websites” and remove all, but ensure “Bloom WiFi” is removed

Your ad preferences on Facebook
  • Select “Profile Information” and turn off all

  • Select “Social Interactions,” then select “Only Me”

How To Set Configuration Settings - Mobile Version

Open the Facebook App, then navigate to the menu and select "Settings and Privacy"

Once on the Settings page, navigate to the following sections:

Security and login
  • Select “Two-factor authentication,” then choose one of the two options, “Text Message” or “Authentication App”

  • Select “Authorized logins” and delete all except “Messenger” and “Instagram”

  • Select “Setting up extra security,” then turn on “Facebook” and “Email” notifications

  • Verify “Never" is checked

Apps and Websites
  • Continue to “Apps, websites, and games,” then select “Turn off”

Off-Facebook activity
  • Select “Clear History”

  • Select “Disconnect Future Activity,” then toggle off “Future Off-Facebook Activity”

See More From 360 Privacy

Prioritizing the security of your Facebook account is crucial for safeguarding your personal cybersecurity. By implementing robust measures such as optimizing privacy settings, enabling strong authentication, and staying vigilant against phishing attempts, you can protect your sensitive information and maintain privacy. For more comprehensive security guides and expert advice, visit 360 Privacy and explore their resources to further enhance the security of your Facebook account.

Take control of your online safety today and see more security guides from 360 Privacy.

Facebook Hardening - Desktop
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